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Our system is an intermediator between advertisement agent and webmaster. Webmaster leads according to each definite project. It can be registration on site, filling form, purchasing some goods online shop, setting up program product and so on. Lead is paid. ​

To webmaster:

  • Constant income of your sites. Higher money rate for lead in comparison to competitors.
  • Clear system of accounting earned sums.
  • You earn 75 % of lead cost.​
  • Honesty and actual possibility to earn online.
  • Minimum retrieve limit $10 USD.
  • Reduction risks of getting “waste traffic”, so system has automatic and manual modes of defense against “surcharge”.
  • Cutting expenses for advertisement by decreasing quantity of advertisement managers, the necessity to search advertisement space is gone.​
  • Optimization of budget advertisement agents by means of receiving target traffic.
  • Attraction target visitors to the site.

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