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What we can realise for you:

  • Assistance in budget planning. We compound detailed business plan, as we recognize current costs within Russian market.
  • Complete audit of the game .We’ve been playing the game long ago and doing it thoroughly. We analyze and observe, check out for easy access to newcomers, convenience, attraction among gamers. We analyze economic side .We give total recommendation on game-design referring to work in ru-net.
  • Assistance with inner reporting process.
  • Assistance in game image making. Picture makes a lot.
  • Provide services of quality and speedy hosting with administration, tuning of service equipment, backing up proper data and urgent warning of your administrators in case of accidents.
  • Make test for the game in case of uploaded status.
  • Recommendations to optimize program code for uploaded applications.
  • Deal with communities. Assist to arrange moderate structure .Organize process to reveal hacker’s and law breaking acts of gamers.
  • Conduct successful advertisement campaign with preparation of necessary materials, selection of the best suitable for definite game advertisement space, taking in account minimization of advertisement expenses.
  • Connect pay systems in conditions of exclusive production agreement with us.

You can obtain any of these options for indicated price, or all and at the same time free of charge, but after concluding an exclusive production agreement with us.

We target that your business is developing much faster and bring profit much earlier as it is possible!