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Peredovaya – historically based browser MMO game in World War II setting. The game span the time frame 1939-1943 year, but they are not historically accurate facts. The game is based on the confrontation of the Wehrmacht and the Red Army, which occurs in different cities. The main game feature is PvP combats among two players (duels) as well as a lot of players (battles). Also game feature is a lot of ingame items (gear, auto, weapons) having a historycal analogue. Thus, game project carries some educational element, as the player is in direct contact close to history.

Main features:

  • The opportunity to go all the way from Conscript to the Marshal of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht.
  • High historical authenticity (equipment, rewards, military rankы, scenes) could satisfy the most demanding connoisseur of the history of the World War II.
  • Huge opportunity on character customization and equipment. Hundreds thousands of items and options for layout.

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